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Dr. Roland Schutzbach, laughter king:

By building our coalition of joy we help to raise the happiness quotient on our planet!

Mit der Koalition der Freude heben wir den Heiterkeistquotienten des Planeten!

Con la coalición de la alegría elevamos el nivel de felicidad en nuestro planeta!

Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the laughter club movement:

I am a master of joy, just like that!

Ich bin ein Meister der Lebensfreude, einfach so!

Soy un maestro de la alegría, ¡así por así!


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24. Sept. 2009

Corinne Cosseron, Founder of the International School of Laughter, France

On our way from Switzerland to France we meet with our joyous friend and colleague Corinne. Lots of inspiration!


Steve Wilson, founder of World Laughter Tour, USA:

If you find your purpose in life, you will feel joy!


Steve Wilson, founder of World Laughter Tour, USA:

Five Minute Interview on Skype


Frizzey Greif is enthusiastic about the power of joy. He is planning a world peace project with multimedia - a gigantic film with live performances in many countries. He has traveled worldwide for 12 years recording for this film.

In this short interview he shows his joy and enthusiasm.


Roland laughs, sings and dances with the audience. A short video with English and Spanish subtitles

Rolando se rie, canta y baila con el público. Video corto con subtitulos Españoles es Ingleses.

You find the Foolosophical Analysis of my presentation in Basel in my book project

The astonishing summary of the start phase!
El resumen sorprendente de la fase principal
Die erstaunliche Zusammenfassung der Start-Phase

Let‘s live joy!
¡Vivimos la alegría!
Lasst uns die Lebensfreude leben!

Featuring Antonio de Callosa, Corinne Cosseron, Frizzey Greif, Robin Graham, Steve Wilson, Christina Fleur de Lys und Roland Schutzbach